Agenda For Upcoming Board of Directors Meeting

The next Catalina Foothills Estates #9 Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting will be at 7:00pm on Monday,  December 16 in the classroom area (Rooms 405/7) of the Catalina Foothills Church (PCA), which is located at the corner of Orange Grove and Skyline. Parking is available in two parking lots east of the church. Bring a flashlight

Board Meeting December 16, 2019


7:00 pm - Call meeting to order - Patrick Griffin

President's Welcome

Roll Call and Introductions

Review and approve Novemver 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Election of Officers


Treasurer - Joyce Su

Calendar - Nancy Kay

Registrar - Diane Frank

Roads & Landscaping - Larry Ivy

Neighborhood Watch - Tung Bui

Architecture - Paul Schwartz

Old Business

Comcast/Tucson Asphalt patch on Altos Segundo - Larry Ivy

Fee Schedule finalization - Patrick Griffin

Enforcement of delinquent dues and compliance - Board

McElwain Remodel Compliance - Paul Schwartz

Lee/Green Landscaping - Green Studio Addition - Tung Bui

Gervickas yard compliance - Patrick Griffin

Gervickas tree removal update - Patrick Griffin

Bryant/Morris tree update - Paul Schwartz

Obrien flashing update - Patrick Griffin

Murphy Trust mailbox update - Patrick Griffin

New Business

Volunteers for Calendar (2)

RES recycling process update

Speed monitoring on Skyline/supervisor meeting

Donation to church for holidays

Neighbor comment on Lot 70 (Laman)

Next Meeting, Action Items and Agenda - Sherri Durand

Other Business/Concerns/Announcements ADJOURN MEETING